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Prepare for Your Move With These Forgotten Essentials

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When preparing for a move, everyone knows that boxes are needed, tape, and packing wrap. Most people have old newspaper lying around to wrap breakables, as well as scissors and drop cloths. But, many people spend their time concentrating on the big stuff that they forget the small stuff. These small items make it much easier to complete a stress-free move. What items do you need for moving day?

Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are so handy. They serve many purposes in everyday life and on moving day, too. There are endless uses for the plastic bags, whether you’re carrying bolts. Nuts, and screws or need to pick up trash or spare items along the way.

Cleaning Supplies: Oh how we love to clean the house! When moving out of a property, even a well-kept home becomes dirty. And, of course, you’ll want to freshen up the new home before putting any of your items inside. Make sure the cleaning supplies are there to clean and tidy things up at both locations.

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Tissue & Toilet Paper: When you’ve boxed things up, don’t forget to leave out the toilet paper! In fact, you may want to toss a couple rolls into that plastic bag to ensure that you have tissue when it is needed. Make sure that tissue is also readily available.

Moving Company: Don’t assume that your moving job is small enough to handle yourself. Most people who attempt to relocate without the superb services offered by a moving company jacksonville fl find themselves overwhelmed very quickly. Don’t include yourself in this category.

Snacks & Drinks: Moving is hard work. Keep a few protein-rich snacks on hand, as well as some bottled H2O to keep everyone going strong throughout the move as well as well hydrated. You’ll appreciate these snacks when the tummy starts to grumble.